About The Lipemic Index™

What is the Lipemic Index™?

Lipemic Index™

Based on the latest in nutritional science research, the Lipemic Index™ is a new tool that can help consumers choose foods and meals that contribute to optimal cardiovascular health. The Lipemic Index™ ranks foods and meals based on their impact on blood triglyceride levels after eating.

Research supports that routinely choosing foods that elicit a lower postprandial triglyceride response (i.e., those with a lower Lipemic Index™ Score) can have health benefits including a reduced risk of obesity and type II diabetes, both of which are implicated in the development of cardiovascular disease (O’Reilly et al., 2011 ).

What is the Lipemic Index™ Score?

The Lipemic Index™ Score is a number that indicates whether a given food will have a relatively favourable or unfavourable impact on an individual’s risk for cardiovascular disease.

Foods with a lower Lipemic Index™ Score have a more beneficial impact on the postprandial triglyceride response, whereas those with a higher Lipemic Index™ Score have a more negative impact. In short, eating low-Lipemic Index™ foods may help to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Because there is no accurate way to predict or guess how a food will influence your postprandial triglyceride response, knowing the Lipemic Index™ Score of a food can be instrumental in making heart-healthy food choices.

The Purpose of This Website

The purpose of the Lipemic Index™ website is to provide a collaborative space for industry, the scientific community, the medical community and consumers to advance our understanding of the health risks associated with high levels of postprandial blood triglycerides, and to show how consumers can reduce those health risks by making informed dietary choices.

We hope that the expertise we provide to this community will stimulate uptake of standard testing practices and procedures so that wherever research is done in this area around the world, this common thread will benefit a larger audience.

As part of these efforts, NDI offers clinical testing services so that the Lipemic Index™ Score for a wide range of food products and meals can be determined. This testing can be done in addition to Glycemic Index™ testing if desired.

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