Lipemic Index™ Testing


Lipemic Index™ Testing in the Clinic

Nutrasource scientists have been active in researching postprandial triglycerides for over twenty years. We are happy to provide clinicians with more detailed information about the importance of measurement and maintenance of postprandial triglycerides. While the Lipemic Index™ concept was originally introduced to measure the effect of foods and meals, we also see the value in measuring the lipemic response of individuals. NDI continues our research with the development of the most effective available reference standard for measuring postprandial triglycerides, based on cutting edge research worldwide and proprietary research within our own walls. We look forward to providing the scientific and medical community with opportunities to measure the lipemic response of patients in a research setting and the value this may add to the medical community in the best possible assessment of cardiovascular risk.

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How is the Lipemic Index™ Score of foods determined?

Because there is no accurate way to predict how a food will influence an individual’s postprandial triglyceride response, the only way to determine the Lipemic Index™ Score of foods and meals is to conduct a human study for each food.

To determine the Lipemic Index™ Score of a food or meal, the food is fed to a healthy group of subjects who are likelier to demonstrate similar triglyceride responses based on age, exercise habits, and body mass index (BMI). The physiological response to this food or meal is measured via analysis of blood for triglycerides at specific time points for up to six hours.

A number of studies have already been conducted to determine the effect of various foods and meals on postprandial triglyceride response. The Lipemic Index™ Scores resulting from these trials are shown in the table below:

Test Article Lipemic Index™ Score
LIXR™*† 100
Diabetic Beverage 162
Fast Food Breakfast 92.3

* The LIXR™ will be assigned an arbitrary Lipemic Index™ Score of 100, and all other products will be compared relative to this value.

† Studies are currently underway to further develop the LIXR™ reference standard such that it elicits the most pronounced Lipemic Index™ response possible.

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